Restaurant Renovation

Looking to open a new restaurant or transform your restaurant into a crowd favorite? Pinnacle can help you with different renovation/decoration needs!

Our consultants not only understand the details of restaurant renovation projects, but also provide you with the most effective and appropriate advice based on their previous experience in different renovation projects.

Pinnacle understands the needs of commercial customers and is committed to reducing restaurant renovation costs and making the process easier.

We will provide you with a wealth of restaurant renovation experience according to your dining situation.

Restaurant renovation services start with customer consultation, professional advice and quotations.

Renovation includes: design, demolition, painting, mud engineering, carpentry, toilet works, electrical engineering, furniture works, wall paint works, air conditioning works

There is no uniform standard for restaurant decoration, and there will be different settings according to different patterns, business needs and license considerations. When renovating a dining room, pay attention to details like what color ceilings and walls should be painted to make guests comfortable, kitchens should be positioned for the best lines of movement, and how tables should be positioned to maximize the effect of the floor.

Generally, a restaurant installation will consist of two phases – the design phase and the construction phase.