Outdoor Mud Works

Muddy Water Work is one of the most important components of the whole house project, its importance is like the foundation of makeup, paving the way for future projects.

Our goal is to promote safety-first living spaces. Therefore, waterproofing is a must as water leaks are the damaging to the house in the long run.

We will advise which material is better to use in different places.

In a collage of floor and wall tiles, the size of seams and gaps can affect the appearance. generating a lot of waste bricks and litter, especially in bathrooms with a lot of drains.

During the construction process, the master works hard to do a good job protection in the future.

Matters about Muddy Water Project

Unlike other places/works that may hide flaws, the laying of wall and floor tiles is the most visible flaw in the entire home. Standard blocks must be placed when paving stones and bricks.

Mason tile paving and floor tile paving are two projects with relatively high technical content. The construction quality of the mud tile project that relies on repair powder for floors and trunking directly affects the overall effect of the home.

The masonry process includes building walls, plastering, fixing bottoms, backfilling toilets, etc.

Bathroom Cabinet Wall Drainage – The traditional practice is to make 50 drainage pipes directly under the hanging bathroom cabinet, and bury them in the wall during construction to prevent the drainage pipes from cracking.

Air conditioner copper pipes – this depends on the air conditioner installed. They can be buried in ceilings, ground or walls.

After grooving and laying the pipes, the mason needs to do a cement seal. Although it looks relatively simple, it makes a difference whether it is smooth or not.

The waterproof construction of “waterproof drainage” is to apply a layer of waterproof coating directly on the floor and walls of the bathroom.

Certain structures/constructions have certain requirements.

Since each area is different, the construction is arranged according to the actual situation of the site.

Once done, you will no longer need to worry about your home.