Home Renovation

In Hong Kong, where every inch of land is expensive, home renovation should be both practical and beautiful. The quality of interior decoration is directly related to future life, so the experience, craftsmanship and professional knowledge of decoration/renovation masters are also given importance.

Our home improvement team can perform whole house renovations, public housing renovations and partial renovations. We make sure to maximise the living space to enhance the living experience.

Pinnacle is a Hong Kong company that can help you create your ideal home environment.

We know that every space and client is different and we strive to give each space the unique appearance/atmosphere it deserves.

The team at Pinnacle is dedicated to providing exceptional home renovation services. The quality of home renovation projects is guaranteed and the budget is reasonable, allowing customers to witness the birth of their dream home!

Design style, color tone, furniture arrangement, partitions, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration, lighting, door design, etc. all affect the feeling of an interior space.

At Pinnacle, our innovators turn the typical home into a one-of-a-kind space.

Appropriate design will vary depending on the needs of different people and the inherent structure of different units. Every element must be carefully considered to create a comfortable home. Currently, private construction units tend to be small units.

Pinnacle’s professional home renovation team will listen carefully to your needs and create a blueprint for the ideal home that meets your expectations. The designer will compare similar design schemes according to the actual unit area and interval and discuss and formulate the most suitable home interior decoration scheme for you, so that you can have a clear understanding of the entire home design and home renovation process.

As a result, home improvement budgets and renovation projects vary in complexity.