Exterior Wall Works

We provide one-stop design and building solutions, typically including design, construction drawings and structural calculations, building material procurement, installation and logistics arrangement services, on-site project supervision, post-completion maintenance services and project management. Our exterior wall works cover both residential and commercial buildings.

We have good craftsmanship and technical cooperation to achieve the high quality goal of exterior wall works. We also have experienced and professional manufacturers and high-performance factories.

The systems and designs involved in exterior wall works tend to be more complex and irregular, and often use different kinds of materials.

Since the external structure of each building is different, our team will tailor each project according to the architect’s design intention and different requirements such as safety and energy saving. After the preliminary design, we will study the feasibility  with the architect and hope to come up with a solution.

In exterior wall works, structural calculation is an important consideration and accurate calculation can avoid accidents. The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has formulated relevant safety laws and codes of practice. Safety is very important in our policy, so we employ experienced structural engineers to handle various projects to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Our highly trained and experienced workers are very strict with the installation and they schedule time to meet the schedule on site. Therefore, our team will ensure that the exterior wall works are correct and comply with the relevant standards.