Bathroom Project

Pinnacle can bring you a wide range of bathroom products to keep you in a good mood every day. We also provide bathroom renovations and waterproofing works.

Bathroom Renovation


The popular tile styles in recent years include imitation cement tiles, bread tiles, imitation marble tiles, portuguese tiles, hexagonal tiles, mosaic tiles and so on. In addition to the style, we also need to pay attention to the anti-slip level/grade, the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles, water absorption, etc.


For the toilet, we first consider whether the height of the building canal is “high point”, “low point” or “ground to water”, and then choose the corresponding style. How the toilet flushes is another important consideration. There are mainly different types of flushing: siphon type and rotary (circulating) type on ​​the market, each with its own merits.


We consider mainstream vanity styles: over-counter, under-counter, counter-top, semi-recessed, semi-hung, one-piece and wall-hung. We choose it before the toilet cabinet because it affects the height of the base cabinet. As for commonly used materials, Hong Kong mainly uses ceramics, artificial stone, glass and white ceramics.


We can choose from three types of bathtubs: cast iron, steel plate and fibreglass. They vary in thickness, weight, style and durability. In recent years, more and more Hong Kong homeowners have opted to “build” Japanese-style bathtubs that are more personal.

Other bathroom amenities include mirrors, shower screens and exhaust fans.

Toilet Works/Bathroom Renovation Works

Common problems encountered are loose tiles, leaking pipes, moldy toilet cabinets, etc.

Therefore, the most common works include:
  • Remove old cabinets
  • Replace floor tiles and walls/tiles
  • Clad with cement and sand, primer
  • New or off-the-shelf waterproof bathroom cabinets
  • Adjust the water level gauge of the faucet to the appropriate height
  • Replace toilets, shower faucets and connecting water pipes(plumbing)
  • Waterproof ceiling

We strive to understand our client’s project cost budget.

However, customers may have a slight influence on design requirements for materials and construction costs. Therefore, prices/quotes will vary.