Home Renovation 3

Pinnacle’s home renovation includes a variety of home works, home repair services and renovations.

Example of home works :

  • Leakproof Engineering
  • Carpet laying project
  • Wooden Flooring Project
  • Grey Paint Project
  • Slurry Engineering

Example of repair services:

  • Demolition Works
  • Replace door hinges/cabinet door hinges
  • Replace the water pipe gasket
  • Replace the exhaust fan
  • Replace the toilet seat
  • Add Shelves

Home Renovation:

At Pinnacle, we not only provide the different types of home renovation projects mentioned in “Home Renovation 1”, but also meet the needs of our customers.

Examples of different requirements:

  • Enjoy your personal living space
  • A specific country/cultural feeling
  • Have gatherings frequently
  • Simple Design

Some ways to meet the requirements:

  • Lighting and color/tint of walls and floors
  • Ceiling lights, wall-mounted cabinets and open-plan living spaces

The newer the environment, the more capital invested, and the more complex and time-consuming the home renovation process. However, we do our best to reduce your time and expense.