What services does Pinnacle offer?

Pinnacle provides one-stop service for all renovation and maintenance works including but not limited to restaurant renovation, home renovation, ,bathroom project, demolition work, exterior wall works, mud and water works, etc.

Are there extra charges after signing the contract?

No, Pinnacle’s one-stop service includes all materials and processes, and it is not common to charge additional fees after signing a contract. Only in certain circumstances, such as after the construction, problems are discovered, and will it be compelled to discuss the charging issue with the customer.

What is the general process of home renovation ?

Generally, home renovation needs to go through multiple steps, such as meeting, measuring, quotation, design, modification, and actual construction. If you want to go further, please contact us.

Do you have a minimum fee?

Pinnacle has no minimum fee. Many companies only offer one-stop, partial service or only accept larger projects, but Pinnacle can handle projects of any size or space. Pinnacle attaches great importance to each customer’s needs and preferences, and provides customers with the most suitable services with professional knowledge and high-quality opinions.

Will Pinnacle supervise the progress of the entire project?

Of course, Pinnacle will discuss with customers and then formulate plans, communicate with customers regularly by phone or mobile communication tools such as Whatsapp, and give customers photos or videos to understand the progress of the project and promise to follow up, supervise, and report to guests regularly.

Can you help me buy the household items or accessories I need?

Sure. Pinnacle has a relevant team to purchase the necessary supplies for the whole house, such as furniture, flooring or accessories. Designers will also provide professional advice to recommend customers to choose and match according to their preferences. Customers can find the right supplies through Pinnacle without the hassle of traveling.

What do the restaurant design phase & construction phase consist of ?

Design Stage :
1 ) On-site measurement, according to the needs of the structure, restaurant function, etc.The designer will make a preliminary plan and concept
2 ) After the customer is satisfied with the plan and design concept, sign a design contract to further deepen the design, and provide renderings to fully reflect the design
concept and restaurant style.
3 ) The designer should comprehensively consider factors such as fire protection, sanitation, environmental impact assessment, etc., to ensure that the provided drawings can
pass the review of the property and related departments, obtain a construction permit, and then provide a complete design drawing.

Construction Stage :
1 ) The customer needs to refer to the construction budget and sign a construction contract with us.
2 ) The construction personnel should conduct on-site acceptance : whether the doors and windows are complete, whether the top surface of the wall is flat, whether the kitchen
and bathroom drainage pipes are unobstructed, etc., should be strictly checked. Then review the incoming materials, and book water and electricity, woodworking equipment,
and basic water and electricity materials
3 ) The construction sequence of restaurant is generally as follows: water and electricity construction, carpentry, mason, painter, installation stage (cabinet,
wooden door, floor, radiator, switch, lamps, etc.) , cleaning stage, furniture soft decoration installation
4 ) Acceptance and warranty service

Can you live in the house during the renovation?

When renovating, many people are not sure if the house can live in it. It really depends on the scope of the renovation and the owner’s tolerance for inconvenience. If you’re living at home while you’re renovating, it may not be comfortable.

We recommend that homeowners should design new living arrangements as dust, noise and cracks tend to affect quality of life and make it unbearable for most.

If you choose to live at home during the renovation, what preventive measures can you take to protect your living quality and furniture?

You may consider covering the floor with materials such as rosin, and then wrapping the furniture to prevent injury. In addition, you can also coordinate the decoration time with the decoration master or company, and try to stagger the time when the owner is at home to reduce the nuisance caused by noise.

How long does home renovation generally take?

The length of the general home decoration project depends on the complexity of the project, ranging from half a month to four months. Also, depends on whether the decoration is in the peak season or the off-season. Many people choose to decorate during the summer vacation. Owners can avoid peak seasons or long holidays to speed up construction progress.

Owners need to be aware that excessively cheap renovation packages delay the project to increase profits, fees are higher for speedy projects.

Should I use wallpaper or wall covering?

Advantages of wallpaper: fast construction, cheap price, and many styles of wallpaper patterns. If there are children who like graffiti at home, wallpaper can allow them to develop their creativity and avoid painting on white walls.

Disadvantages of wallpaper: easy to be scratched, inconvenient to clean, easy to fade and yellow, and Hong Kong is particularly humid, which is easy to cause mildew and warping, and has a short service life.

Advantages of wall covering: seamless wall covering can avoid warping and cracking by using seamless paste; more breathable, moisture-proof and mildew-proof; wear-resistant, wall covering is easier to clean and lasts longer; more environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell; more wall covering style textured

Disadvantages of wall covering: the price of wall covering is more expensive than that of wallpaper

If there are cats and dogs at home, it is recommended not to use wallpaper, because cats enjoy the pleasure of scratching fabrics and paper, and puppy excrement may stick to the wall, and the wallpaper will become moldy faster.

What should I do after the renovation is completed?

The most important thing when handing over the house after the renovation is completed is to confirm whether the construction results conform to the contract and design drawings, etc. Remember to bring all the documents and don’t be afraid to check every detail.

Everyone knows that formaldehyde is harmful to the human body but the house should not be left idle for too long. After the house is renovated, it is necessary to ventilate it for at least one or two months

Remember to clean and sterilise before moving in to reduce the absorption of harmful substances by the human body.