Use the experience gained over the years to tailor and plan solution according to the requirements of the customer.


Committed to cultivating a team dedicated to serving customers and planning processes well.

Professional and Exquisite

The project team has extensive experience in various engineering services and inspection tests.

About Pinnacle

In our daily life, wherever we go, such as shopping malls, public places, and even our own homes, walls, platforms, indoor and outdoor, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, marble, feature walls, etc., use whitewash material everywhere. However, these are all part of mud engineering. Taking a home as an example, in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and even hall, room, etc., the masonry part accounts for a considerable proportion and it is something that cannot be ignored in the decoration process.


To this point, we are well aware of the importance of the mud and water part, so for every brick, every tile, we have carefully considered the construction in order to provide good construction procedures, to gain the trust and support of customers, we are convinced that only professional is eternal.


Train a dedicated customer service team and properly plan the process.


Reliable and safe maintenance, regular inspections as required.


The project team has extensive experience in various engineering services and inspection tests.

Professional and Exquisite

Improve technical level, enhance safety awareness, and maintain service quality.



Years of experience !

Our Business Scope

Various mud and water engineering construction, mud engineering construction, mud operation interval, home improvement tile renovation and maintenance, kitchen tile replacement, water and soil related engineering, floor powder light, tile powder light, brick wall powder light, stone washing, bathroom and toilet decoration, tile engineering, ceramic tile Mud repair, tile paste, polished quartz tiles, house additions, old house renovations, mud brick laying, cementing, demolition works, wall demolition, waterproofing works, wall mud works, mud works related works are our services.

We only select engineering staff that have undergone our in-depth vetting.

We have many years of industry experience.

Use the experience gained over the years to tailor the solution and plan according to the requirements of the customer. Collect and use reliable brands and quality-assured materials, propose energy-saving electrical equipment designs, reduce installation material costs, and reduce maintenance costs. With the rapid advancement of technology, we have also begun to develop the application of component docking of different manufacturers, which can form large-scale, fully automatic control and monitoring of various systems.

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Pinnacle has many years of experience, professionalism, integrity and responsibility, and is the first choice for renovation projects !

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Professional design and construction, adhering to the customer and quality first to provide you with the most complete service.

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We provide general residential water and electricity  services and maintenance. If you have any water and electricity problems, you can contact us.


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As a professional engineering services company, we provide a wide range of services such as design, construction, improvement and maintenance according to customer requirements.

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